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Hi, I'm Kristi

I am an artist and branding strategist with extensive knowledge and experience in professional design, color theory and brand identity. I help clients translate their ideas into graphics and images.  What is your brand saying about your business?  

Kristi Kieffer
You may make money from your keynote, but there are 3 ways you can make an impact and profit off stage too. One of the best ways to go deeper with your audience is with digital products. In February 2018, Russell Brunson walked onto Grant Cardone’s 10x stage and made one million dollars in 90 minutes - and that was …
Color - Use no more than five colors. Typography - Limit the number of different fonts you use. Using too many fonts makes the design look too busy and unprofessional. Fonts should be easy to read. Layout - Align elements to maintain consistency. Callouts - Use them to highlight key information. Space - Too …